Research Topics - XXXVI Course

Curriculum Biology applied to Agriculture and Environment

Theme N.1 - "Enhancement of the supply chain of medicinal plants with a view to circular economy: from tradition to new applications"

Theme N.2 - "Ecology and monitoring of Italian amphibians and reptiles, with particular reference to methods of assessing populations"

Theme N.3 - "Biological activity of natural and/or synthetic compounds on cellular models of metabolic alterations"

Theme N.4 - "Determination of beneficial effects on the physiology of the skin of substances of natural origin"


Curriculum Earth Sciences

- Theme N.1 - "Planetary geodynamic evolution of Solar System bodies" 

The available remote observations reveal the complex nature of the Earth and other bodies in the Solar System. The origin and evolution of such bodies can be defined by multiscale, multidisciplinary geological and physical studies.

Research goals: modelling with geological, geophysical and remote sensing methods the geodynamic evolution of Solar System bodies, also in comparison with bodies from other planetary systems.

- Theme N.2 - "Computational mineral physics and thermodynamics of the Earth’s mantle"

The physical and thermodynamic properties of mantle minerals are crucial to understand the dynamics and the chemical evolution of the Earth.

Research goals: improving knowledge on the stability, phase transitions, melting processes and solid-melt-fluid phase equilibria of mantle minerals in a broad range of Pressure-Temperature conditions by multi-scale computational and thermodynamic modelling. Research program supported by MIUR PRIN 2017 project (Prot. 2017KY5ZX8).

- Theme N.3 - "Mineralogical, textural and chemical characterization of carbonatic construction geomaterials of historical and monumental relevance"

Research goals: defining innovative analytical procedure for natural stone materials; building a digital approach to studies of stone provenance, defining validity of the use of the chemical footprint in support of historical-artistic stakeholders. Program framed within the EIP NATUREUROSTONE network.

- Theme N.4 - "Structural analysis of Mid Ordovician intrusions and their metamorphic aureole in the Sardinian segment of the Variscan belt"

Research goals: defining the major structure and the tectonic evolution during pre-Variscan and Variscan events of the mid Ordovician arc in Corsica-Sardinia and correlation with other sectors of the Variscan belt; geodynamic modelling of the Ordovician arc system in Corsica-Sardinia and its structural-tectonic inheritance in the subsequent Variscan orogenesis.