Scambelluri Marco

Ritratto di Scambelluri Marco
Professore Associato, GEO/07 – Petrografia e Petrologia
+39 010 353 8307
1° piano Palazzo delle Scienze ( Europa) st. I-16
Curriculum Vitae: 

Education and Positions held
01-09-2000 to present: Associate Professor in Petrography and Petrology, University of Genova.
16-06-1990: Permanent research position in Petrography and Petrology, University of Genova, Italy.
12-09-1989: PhD in Earth Sciences, University of Genova, Italy. Thesis in metamorphic petrology.
27-11-1984: Degree in Geological Sciences, University of Torino, Italy.

Research activity
Scientific research in the field of metamorphic petrology, on the genesis of metamorphic fluids, on fluid/rock interactions and on the petrology of eclogite-facies rocks. The research is focussed on subduction zone processes and on high- (HP) and ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) metamorphism of oceanic and continental lithosphere exposed in orogenic belts like the Alps, the Betic Cordillera (South-Eastern Spain), Dabie-Shan and Sulu (China), the Caledonides of Western Norway. The research is field-based and process-oriented, aimed to understand behaviour of rock and fluid systems in subduction environments.
Main goals:
(1) tectonic and petrologic processes attending subduction and exhumation of HP and UHP rocks;
(2) genesis, composition and role of fluids in subduction-zones, in mass transfer and genesis of magmas at convergent plate margins, and in exhumation tectonics of HP and UHP rocks;
(3) recycling of volatiles and of incompatible elements from shallow earth environments (oceans, forearcs) to the deep mantle. The focus is on the water and carbon transport, their storage in hydrates and carbonates and the crystallization of inclusions from complex fluid phases. Monitors of these episodes are fluid-mobile elements like boron, chlorine, lithium and large-ion lithophile elements, that partition into the deep fluids and melts.
(4) metasomatic effects of subduction fluids in mantle rocks, implications for element recycling and arc magmatism.

Current projects
- Zooming in between plates: deciphering the nature of the plate interface in subduction zones; Partner in a Marie Curie Marie Curie Initial Training Network (Call FP7-People-2013-ITN); four years funded through EU, start 2013, end 2017 (
- Volatile transfer at convergent plate margins: understanding carbon-bearing fluid/melt composition as a function of lateral complexities in subduction zones, MIUR-COFIN 2012, start in 2014.
- Light element and LILE budgets of subduction fuids released from COH-bearing natural ultramafic systems at high and ultrahigh pressure. MIUR-COFIN 2009, end in 2014.

Professional affiliations
Member of the Italian Society of Mineralogy and Petrology (SIMP)
Member of the Task Force IX "Deep Into the Subduction Channel - DISC" International Lithosphere Program (2010 — 2015;

Editorial activity and reviews
Marco Scambelluri is Chief Editor of Lithos (Elsevier, IF 3.779;
Member of the editorial boarding of Ofioliti and of the Italian Journal of Geoscience. Guest editor of the Special Issue: “Subduction versus intraplate lithospheric mantle: agents and processes” published on Lithos. Referee for funding agencies (Italian MIUR; NSF, USA; Australian ARC; Swiss SNSF) and for national and international magazines.

Teaching and Doctorate students
Basical and advanced lectures, laboratory and field work for Petrography and Petrology courses.
Tutor and co-tutor for the following PhD students: Franca Vallis, Laura Federico, Nadia Malaspina, Cristina Malatesta.
Current PhD students: Enrico Cannaò, Mattia Gilio (ZIP-ITN ESR)

Publications last 5 years (full list in attached CV)
Scambelluri M. Pettke T., Rampone E. Godard M, Reusser E. 2014. Petrology and trace element budgets of high-pressure peridotites indicate subduction dehydration of serpentinized mantle (Cima di Gagnone, Central Alps, Switzerland). Journal of Petrology, 55 (3): 459-498 doi:10.1093/petrology/egt068.
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