Science and Technologies for the Earth and Environment

Primary target of our Doctoral Course is training new generations of PhD students to an interdisciplinary approach to key problems and topics regarding the Earth and Environmental sciences and to apply the student’s knowledge and skills to solve practical problems in several natural and laboratory contexts.

The PhD Course in Sciences and Technologies for the Earth and Environment gathers two curricula: (1) Earth Sciences and (2) Biology Applied to Agriculture and the Environment. Each curriculum has his own research lines that are interlinked by common activities and services. We provide our PhD students with the theoretical, experimental and methodological knowledge to correctly approach and manage the natural resources and the hazards deriving from natural events and anthropic activities. We also provide our PhD students with the most advanced techniques for investigating the territory and its resources.

The two curricula tackle the study of the Earth and Environmental sciences in an integrated and interdisciplinary way. The marine and terrestrial environments are understood both in their structural components and in their mutual relations with anthropic activity. The geological and biological processes shaping and affecting the territory are mainly analysed considering the key interaction mechanisms between geosphere and biosphere. Goal is obtaining solid data and scientific information for managing geological and environmental issues, with particular emphasis on the safety and quality of life. The multi-disciplinary PhD program is ensured by qualified scientists and teachers expert in key topics of the Geological, Natural and Biological Sciences. In addition to this personnel, Italian and foreign experts, as well as training periods at qualified public and private research institutions, contribute to the formation of our PhD students.

An integrated view of the territory, besides responding to the need of investigating and understanding complex integrated systems, is also mandatory to foster cooperation and team working between scientists and professionals from different disciplines and expertise.