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    Training network on reactive geological systems from the mantle to the abyssal sub-seafloor


    AlpArray is a European initiative to advance our understanding of orogenesis and its relationship to mantle dynamics, plate reorganizations, surface processes and seismic hazard in the Alps-Apennines-Carpathians-Dinarides orogenic system


    Protecting the health of Europeans by improving methods for the detection of pathogens in drinking water and water used in food preparation (FP7)


    Systems for coastal dolphin conservation in the Ligurian Sea (LIFE09 NAT/IT/000190)


    BAMMBO will provide innovative solutions to overcome existing bottle-necks associated with culturing marine organisms in order to sustainably produce high yields of value-added products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial sectors.


    Controlling of infectious diseases in oysters and mussels in Europe (FP7)


    Programma Obiettivo Cooperazione territoriale europea 2007-2013, Alpi Latine Cooperazione
    Transfrontaliera ALCOTRA, progetto n°192 "BIODIVAM"


    Towards Ecosystem Conservation and Sustainable Artisanal Fisheries in the Mediterranean basin (ENPI-CNCMED)


    Rosso scoiattolo (LIFE09 NAT/IT/095)


    Fibers innovative burning and reuse by shs (LIFE+ LIFE12 ENV/IT/000295)


    GEstione dei REflui per il MIglioramento delle Acque portuali (Programma di cooperazione Interreg Italia-Francia Marittimo 2014-2020 – CUP D41I18000600005). Il progetto GEREMIA prevede un piano di cooperazione transfrontaliera per il monitoraggio e la gestione della qualità delle acque portuali. I porti coinvolti dal progetto sono Genova, Olbia, La Spezia e Tolone.


    Increasing Industrial Resource Efficiency in European Mariculture (GA 308571, FP7 ENV.2012.6.3-1)


    Conservazione della testuggine palustre Emys orbicularis ingauna in alcune zone umide della Liguria (LIFE12 NAT/IT/000395)


    Risk Monitoring, Modeling and Mitigation
    of Benthic Harmful Algal Blooms along Mediterranean coasts (ENPI-CNCMED)


    The European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials.
    Building a harmonized European database on natural stones for the use of construction and restoration stakeholders.


    Probing safety of nano-objects by defining immune responses of environmental organisms (EU project 671881, Marie Curie International Training Network - H2020-MSCA-ITN)


    Re-establishment of the Ribbed Limpet (Patella ferruginea) in Ligurian MPAs by restocking and controlled reproduction (Project Number: LIFE15 NAT/IT/000771)


    Research & Technological Development to Improve Economic Profitability and
    Environmental Sustainability of Sea Urchin Farming (GA 606042, FP7-SME-2013)

    ROC-POP Life

    This project aims to trigger the reforestation of Cystoseira within the Cinque Terre and Miramare marine protected areas, where this taxon was present, as proven by museum and scientific literature records.
    More info on the project


    SCHeMA (Integrated In Situ Chemical MApping Probes) is a multi - disciplinary collaborative project aiming at providing an open and modular sensing solution for in situ high resolution mapping of a range of anthropogenic and natural chemical compounds that may have feedback (synergic) interaction: toxic and/or essential Hg, Cd, Pb, As and Cu trace metal species; nitrate, nitrite, and phosphate nutrients; species relevant to the carbon cycle; volatile organic compounds; potentially toxic algae species and toxins. The SCHeMA system will consist of a plug-and-play adaptive wired/wireless chemical sensor probe network serving as a front-end for gathering detailed spatial and temporal information on water quality and status based on a range of hazardous compounds. (Funding: EU FP7- Ocean 2013.2– Grant Agreement 614002)


    Linee guida per il trattamento dei sedimenti dragati nell’area Marittimo (Programma di cooperazione Interreg Italia-Francia Marittimo 2014-2020 – CUP I42F17000010006)


    asSIstenza alla Navigazione per l’Accesso ai Porti in Sicurezza (Programma di cooperazione Interreg Italia-Francia Marittimo 2014-2020 – CUP D64I18000160007). L'obiettivo generale di SINAPSI consiste nello sviluppo e nella promozione di strumenti ICT di supporto alle decisioni per aumentare la sicurezza della navigazione in prossimità dei porti commerciali dell’area Marittimo al fine di ridurre il rischio di incidenti ed aumentare la sicurezza e l’efficienza delle operazioni portuali.


    Stop alle Plastiche in H2O! (Programma di cooperazione Interreg Italia-Francia Marittimo 2014-2020 – CUP D31I18000620007). Il progetto SPlasH! analizzerà per la prima volta la presenza, l'origine e le dinamiche delle microplastiche nei porti del Programma: Genova, Olbia e Tolone.


    Gestione sostenibile della Floricoltura nella Riviera di Ponente


    Project Horizon 2020
    Preventing and Mitigating farmed Bivalve Diseases (VIVALDI)


    WHALE protection from Strike by Active cetaceans detection and alarm issue to ships and FErries
    in pelagos sanctuary (LIFE13 NAT/IT/001061)


    Zooming In between Plates – ZIP (GA: 604713; European Initial Training Network)

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