XXII INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF PURE AND APPLIED BIOPHYSICS, from 15 to 19 of January 2018, in Venice (Palazzo Loredan).

The title of the school is:
Intracellular Ion Channels and Transporters in Plant and Animal cells

Contacts for registration:
Armando Carpaneto (armando.carpaneto@ge.ibf.cnr.it)
and Elisabetta Vallarino (elisabetta.vallarino@ge.ibf.cnr.it).

Chair: Armando Carpaneto

Franco Gambale
Italian Biophysics and the International School of Pure and Applied Biophysics in Venice

Compartments and organelles in plant and animal cells
Chair: Franco Gambale

Enrico Martinoia
The plant vacuole

Alessandro Vitale
Quality control and proteostasis of membrane proteins in the plant secretory pathway

Ildiko Szabò
Mitochondria and chloroplasts

Gerhard Thiel
The sorting secret of mitochondrial K+ channels

Experimental Methods and Techniques
Chair: Michael Pusch

Matteo Ceccarelli
In-silico electrophysiology: basic principles, limits and benefits

Alex Costa
In vivo analysis of Ca2+ dynamics in Arabidopsis: tools and applications

Vito De Pinto
Progress in Molecular Biology

Alberto Diaspro
Optical Microscopy at the Nanoscale: an overview

Anna Boccaccio
The patch-clamp technique

Christian M. Grimm
New tools to gate endolysosomal cation channels

Armando Carpaneto
The plant vacuole as heterologous system to investigate the functional properties of endo-lysosomal channels and transporters.

Alberto Diaspro
Optical Microscopy at the Nanoscale: converging technologies, applications and perspectives

Intracellular Ion Channel and Transporter families
Chair: Enrico Martinoia and Anna Moroni

Enrico Martinoia
Ion channels and transporters in plant vacuoles

Petra Dietrich
Regulation and function of plant two pore channels

Joachim Scholz-Starke
Phosphoinositides and plant transporters*

Sebastien Thomine
Metal storage and export from the plant vacuole

Nobuyuki Uozumi
Examination of prokaryotic channel/transporter reveals eukaryotic membrane transport system

Paolo Trost
The family of cytochrome b561

Antony Galione
The discovery of the NAADP receptor*

Bruno Gasnier
Lysosomal amino acid transporters

Dejian Ren
Endo-lysosomal ion channels

Anna Boccaccio
TMEM16 channels and scramblases

Vito De Pinto
VDAC channels

Mauro Dalla Serra
Activity of pore forming proteins and antimicrobial peptides

Anna Moroni
Engineering ion channels for optogenetics

Chair: Armando Carpaneto

Michael Pusch
When physics and biology meet:
functional measurements of ion channels and transporters

Intracellular channels and transporters in human disease
Chair: Bruno Gasnier

Antonio Filippini
Angiogenesis and intracellular channels

Diego Medina
Role of TRPML1 in lysosomal signaling and autophagy

Michael Pusch
CLC channels and transporters – from biophysics to human genetic diseases

Ildiko Szabò
Exploiting mitochondrial ion channels as oncological targets

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